baby darko

Hai Faeries! Welcome to my shop. This is where you can get the best nymphet kitten from the trailer park goodies such as one-of-a-kind bikinis, celestial jewelry, innocently sweet lingerie, girl-power gloves and more adorable accessories! My goal is to empower and beautify every girl's true soul and body with all the lovely attire I am creating. All of it is blessed by my spirit animals from heaven, sewn with love and fairy dust, and true dedication.


About the owner: I am a 17 year old entrepreneur from Florida sharing my love for animals, nature, and the universe through the art of unique fashion. All of us girls know how it feels to be insecure, lost, and unhappy at times, and I believe in boosting confidence and moods through self-expression, so my motive is to help make every girl feel powerful, stunning, pure, and comfortable with all that they are in my clothing and accessories. As I do my best to help you, you all help me by making my dreams come true.


Baby Darko 

            aka Alida Simone Van Rooyen

Instagram: @alidasimone @keywestkitten